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When to start Anti-Ageing creams | Anti-Ageing creams | How to slow signs of Ageing.

When to start Anti-Ageing creams | Anti-Ageing creams | How to slow signs of Ageing.

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Most people always get confused or they may not know when to start anti-ageing creams. firstly let’s know what is ageing? Ageing is the process in which the cells do not function to their maximum capacity. Ageing is a continuous process, there is no way to completely reverse it and a lot of people want to know when to start anti-ageing creams. First, we need to understand what these anti-ageing creams contain? and what is the proper anti-ageing routine like? 

Anti-ageing in my opinion is done in three different stages of your life, and you can start as early as you are a teenager. The teenage skincare routine you can follow is a very simple one, it’s a morning and night routine as cleansing, moisturising and protection, followed by a good diet. As this is the prevention stage, if you take care of your skin in your teenage days then the likelihood is you have to spend less money and time on your skin later.

The anti-ageing cream regime contains the four most important components.

  1. Moisturizer: Which contains ceramide and hyaluronic acid.
  2. Face wash: Cleanser which suits your skin type. 
  3. Vitamin A cream: That should be applied every day at night.
  4. Sunscreen: This is the most important, and you make sure you reapply it regularly.

Whenever you go for purchasing anti-ageing cream, always opt for the component of Retinol, Retinal, Retinoic acid and Tretinoin. Vitamin A is a collagen booster. It is scientifically proven that when you use vitamin A cream on your fine lines and wrinkles it can make it better over time. If you have very deep wrinkles or lines, then they will never be going to disappear with just the vitamin A cream, then you have to combine other treatments along with the anti-ageing creams. But Vitamin A is a very good and effective start in any anti-ageing regime. Vitamin A should only be applied at night. If you apply vitamin A in the day and go out in the sun, it can irritate.

Out of all those components, sunscreen can be used at any age and regularly. The Moisturizer and cleanser can be used in your late teens. And Vitamin A cream which are referred to as the main agent in any anti-ageing cream should be started at about 25 years of age. Vitamin A is present in the cream formulation also as serums. I want people to understand that serum is not a magical potion that is going to completely erase your lines and wrinkles, it’s just a formulation. Why serums are preferred? Because it has good spreadability, easier to use and absorbs better. Serums usually have silicons and dimethicones in them so, it’s better to tolerate, and it feels lighter on the skin.

when to start anti-ageing cream
When to start Anti-Ageing creams | Anti-Ageing creams | How to slow signs of Ageing.


Collagen is a protein in our body that acts as a glue to hold our cells together. Collagen helps in strengthening skin, benefits elasticity and hydration of the skin. Collagen decreases by 1% every year after the age of 20. It is very important to consume collagen and include it in your diet along with the process of applying it to the skin. As it delays the process of ageing.

I recommend Oziva’s plat based collagen builder. which is India’s first vegetarian, plant based collagen booster for anti-ageing which people can start taking since the age of 20.


The other most important component of an anti-ageing regime is sunscreen. You have to be very regular with sunscreen use; you have to make sure that you reapply regularly so that it acts to its best. For the Indian skin type, SPF is about 25 to 30 is more than enough, that the higher the SPF the more oily the sunscreen gets. So, if you stick to about 25-30 it is good enough, and it is also tolerated. Most people think that the only job of sunscreen is to prevent tanning, but that’s not true, the ultra violate rays not only cause tanning but can also cause ageing of the skin. UV rays thicken the epidermis, skin gets pigmented, wrinkles, fine lines and speeds up the breakdown of collagen. So, sunscreen is going to counter these effects not only tanning. It is very important to use sunscreen regularly.

sunscreen for anti-ageing

Recommended Anti-Ageing creams

Along with these four components, as your age, especially in your late 30’s and 40’s you may start noticing that you start developing dark spots on your face, this could be freckles, age spots or sunspots. To counter this, you can use creams containing kojic acid, liquorice extracts or azelaic acid these creams helps in reducing pigmentation and make your skin more even tone. You can apply these creams in the morning and then apply your moisturizer on top of it along with this you can add an under eye cream. As you know the person first starts ageing on the eyes, because the skin here is very thin so you see fine lines and wrinkles first around the eyes. It’s good to start using an under eye cream containing hyaluronic acid, Vitamin K and Lactic acid this will not only hydrate the skin under your eyes but also reduce the darkening of the under the eye.


One very important part of your anti-ageing regime is to remove your makeup before going to bed. So, make sure you remove your make-up properly so that the gritty make-up does not tug into your skin and cause irritation further. Make sure your make-up is alcohol-free and do not dry out your skin and as soon as you remove your make-up you have to apply a good amount of layer of moisturizer so that you let your skin heal.

Ageing is a continuous process. No one cream can take care of all your fine lines and wrinkles and take care of all your spots. It has to be done with multiple creams in a stepwise manner. Make sure it should be a part of your regime to take good care of your skin so that it remains youthful for longer.

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