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Skin Fungal Infection Fungal Infection causes, symptoms and treatment.

Skin Fungal Infection: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment For Best Results.

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Super fecial skin fungal infection has become an epidemic in India in the past few years. It’s prime time you understand this condition and know how to protect yourself from fungal infection. And what could be the causes that are causing this recurrence?

   Today fungal infection has become health hazards, it is affecting numerous people and in family, multiple members are affected, it has become an economic burden because these anti-fungal tablets are not cheap they are quite expensive when you have to take these medicines for about three weeks and sometimes up to three months. It can become a huge economic hazard. So, we need to understand how we can prevent these infections and how we can effectively treat them.

 Causes for fungal infections.

There are multiple reasons why there is a sudden rise in the fungal infection, a few being urbanisations we are living in smaller homes now there is overcrowding, there is not proper hygiene and also longer commutes making people travel a long distance for work and they are sweating and also because of humidity and increase in steroid creams, over-the-counter creams that are given by chemists and the most important being non-compliance to medication, patients who are taking medications stopping them mid-way not completing their course all these are leading to a rise in the fungal infections. 

causes of skin fungal infection

       Dermatophytes cause the most commonly seen fungal infections, these fungi are skin-loving so they break the upper layer of the skin and derived nutrition from the skin. So, it can occur in areas where there is water logging or logging of sweat. Areas such as armpits, the groin area, in the buttocks, beneath your breasts. All these are an area where you see this fungal infection.

How does skin fungal infection appear?

They appear as red round lesions. They can be red, sometimes darker coloured they are round lesions with sealing in the corners and they are caused significant discomfort, there can be a lot of itching and in some cases, it is likely to have a severe infection, it can even cause burning sensation and irritation which is our complete by a lot of redness around these lesions, so these are the usual features it usually starts from the body folds but can spread to involve and part of the body. Nowadays we are seeing a lot of facial lesions and a lot of lesions even on arms and extremities that are away from the body folds.

skin fungal infectionon face

What to do when you have a fungal infection.

Firstly, you have to consult a qualified dermatologist or a qualified health professional who is well equipped to deal with this condition to properly diagnose this condition and also treat it effectively.

Secondly, you need to understand your condition and complete the medication. Take the medication as advised for the number of periods that have been advised it is very important because when you suddenly start the medicine you feel that there is an improvement in symptoms within one or two weeks you feel that the fungal infection has cleared away completely, but that is not the case, the fungus takes time to clear away from the skin, you might get symptomatic relief but there is a still fungus on your skin. So, until you get rid of that you can’t stop the treatment so follow the doctors’ advice take it for the number of weeks that they have advised you. And also apply the creams regularly and do not leave the creams and medications mid way, this can lead to the reoccurrence of the infection. One more important thing to understand is to not take medicines from a chemist store from a pharmacist, they can only dispense the medicines cannot prescribe it without examining and nobody should be prescribing your medicines without examining you completely. So, make sure you are visiting a qualified professional for this condition and getting examined completely before starting your medication. And whenever you visit a doctor, make sure you keep all your documents with you. Whatever past medicines you have taken in case you are having a recurrent infection, so that the doctor has a fair knowledge of what medicines you have taken in the past and what not to repeat or how much impact you have from the last medicine, so this always helps the doctor in deciding the medications.

         Certain anti-fungal tablets and creams are slightly expensive and you might not want to take them for two to three months but just remember that not treating this infection is going to only cause recurrence and then it is only gonna make it more expensive in the long run, so it is better to treat it properly and completely in the first go itself.

Key points you need to understand.

There are certain things you need to follow to help get rid of this fungal infection.

soap for skin fungal infection
  • Take a bath daily (twice)
  • Wipe yourself dry (especially in your fold areas)
  • Use shower gel (do not share soap with anybody, it’s better to use shower gel)
  • Iron all your clothes (make sure you wear ironed clothes, your undergarments are properly ironed before you wear them.)
  • Wash your towels and iron them daily (use a thin cotton towel and it should be ironed because the fungus tends to thrive in moist areas)
  • Wear loose cotton clothing.
  • Wash your clothes separately. (otherwise, there is a chance of the infection being transferred to other family members)
  • Sweat absorbent gym wear.
  • Keep your nails short.
  • Avoid scratching.

Here I won’t be suggesting to you any creams for this infection. You need to visit a doctor and use the creams and tablets as advice. As the doctor will inquire about your past medications or any other medications you have been through. So, I won’t be suggesting you any cream in this case.

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