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Skincare Routine For Sensitive Skin On Face : Ultimate Guide.

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Sensitive skin on face.

Have you ever thought the skincare products do wonders for others and not work for you? You need to understand that everybody has different needs and concerns, most of you have a combination of oily skin, but at the same time, they may have very sensitive skin too, which means they have to be very careful what they use. 60% of women out there will say their skin is sensitive. What is sensitive skin? If your skin gets easily stimulate by the environment, then you have sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, you may quickly develop rashes, redness, acne breakouts, and even sunburn instantly. For many reasons, sensitive skin is skin that reacts almost to everything. Sensitive skin requires much more pampering than any other skin type. For maintaining good skin, you need to choose the right products and follow a good skincare routine. Like any different skincare routine, sensitive skin too needs the same routine but selecting the right products.

Skin care steps for Sensitive skin

  • Cleanser: There are many cleaners out there, but for sensitive skin, you have to be very picky and make sure you are not using harsh products that will create skin problems or irritate the skin, avoid using soap to wash your face they contain alkaline. Face wash should be simple and normal cleansing lotion they should contain fewer chemicals, so use any gentle cleanser. I suggest a foam-based cleanser they are mild on sensitive skin you should always avoid using tissue cleansers as they may become harsh for your skin while you rub it on your face that irritates. Avoid using any product which rubs harshly on sensitive skin. Avoid using alcohol-based products as they may dry your skin. You must always opt for fragrance-free products, after cleaning your face, never rub your face with a towel, always tap the towel to pat dry your skin. You can always go for Kaya Clinic Face Cleanser for Sensitive Skin which is mild, soap free, perfume/fragrance free, hypoallergenic face wash for sensitive skin, without causing dryness or irritation. Its natural fatty acids and proteins help balance the pH of your skin, leaving it soft, supple and hydrated.
  • Toner: There are many products available in the market, but for sensitive skin, you have to be very picky about what you’re applying on skin. I would suggest you go for rose water which is best for toning. Anyone with sensitive skin can always go for rose water without any doubts or confusion. In a cotton ball add few drops of rose water and dab on your skin, this may tone your wrinkles and fine lines and is very beneficial for your skin, which also tightens your skin and maintains it healthy and glowing. Avoid using any scrubs and any aggressive material product on your skin.
  • Moisturiser:  It is essential to use a moisturiser, especially if you have dry skin which is sensitive too. Moisturiser plays a vital role in your skincare routine. You can choose any fragrance-free and hydrating moisturiser, as fragrance contains chemicals and chemicals again disturbs your skin PH and leaves it dry. Use moisturisers containing dimethicone or hyaluronic acid(HA) containing moisturiser. Always avoid gel-based products as they irritate your skin, so you should go for cream-based moisturisers instead of all these. there are so many products in the market which are scented, avoid using those products, and try to use a paraben-free moisturiser.
  • Sunscreens:  Sunscreens are essential for sensitive skin, you have to use sunscreen regularly every 2-3 hours a day as sunscreens don’t last much longer than that. Make sure to use a good sunscreen that is again fragrance-free, and any SPF above 30 is right for you. Sunscreens play a vital role in your skincare regime, it not only takes care of your skin and protects your skin from detergents present in your shampoo when you wash your hair, many people feel itchiness on the face after taking a shower. So it’s essential to use a low PH shampoo and use good sunscreen. Above 30-40 minutes, a day is ok to be under the sun without sunscreen but not longer than that. The longer you absorb sunlight into your skin, your outer layer may dry and may experience ageing and wrinkles and even experience skin cancer. For the sensitive skin type, you have to be extra careful, so always remember to use sunscreen daily before leaving the house. I would suggest you the best sunscreen for sensitive skin Kaya Clinic Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin, hypoallergenic, non greasy/lightweight, perfume free, matte finish.  It provides effective protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays this light weight. It’s perfume free and clinically tested to be non comedogenic.
  • Make-up: This is something where people get confused to choose a suitable product. Well, the advice is to choose a product which your skin allows you to, you will come to know once you try it. Test on a small area, don’t be very experimental with the products. If you like to use a lot of make-up like BB cream, foundation, CC cream etc. on your face to hide your acne or troubled skin, you are building up more make-up on your face. But the more make-up you build, the more you’re harming your skin. But it doesn’t mean you should not apply make-up, you can apply make-up but choose the correct products that suit your skin. I suggest you not wake your make-up for a longer period of time. As soon as you reach home, you can wipe away your make-up. And when you do that your skin starts breathing. Avoid using powders that contain shimmers and glitters, which result in irritating your skin. Remove your make-up with a cleanser, moisturise your skin and then go off to sleep, so that the make-up doesn’t agitate your skin overnight and the next day you have the rash.

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