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effective way to treat pigmentation around the mouth.

Effective way to treat pigmentation around the mouth.

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Pigmentation around your mouth is something which is very embarrassing and also a very stubborn one. 

Most of us tend to get these pigmentations on the side of our mouth and the upper lip area. This can be treated with the right skincare routine.

This skincare routine is very simple yet very effective because it’s all in the ingredients that are put together and layer correctly.

The skincare routine is very effective for pigmentationdark spots, melasma, and uneven skin tone.



Sunscreen is the most important ingredient in your skincare routine, be it any kind of skincare routine.

We highly recommend you go with mineral sunscreen. the reason behind mineral sunscreen is, the area you have pigmentation or melasma becomes very sensitive, so you need to use very gentle, soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients. 

Hence, mineral sunscreen is more recommended than chemical sunscreen.

A thumb rule about sunscreen is you have to re-apply it every 2 to 3 hours, and this is very important, no matter if you are indoors or outdoors you need to use good mineral sunscreen.

Pigmentation correction cream:

Pigmentation correction cream is a cream which is cleverly formulated for effective areas. A cream containing kojic acid is anti- pigmentation pharmaceutical grade potency treatment. A cream containing 2% kojic acid which lightens pigmentations, dark spots and acne scars by helping repair the damaged skin cells, 1% niacinamide and 0.5% glycolic acid to further prevent the occurrence of pigmentation.

We recommend pigmentation correction cream to use in the nighttime routine 3 times a week.

Vitamin C serum:

This is another depigmenting ingredient, a product that helps with pigmentation, dark spots, and uneven skin tones beautifully are Vitamin C serum.

If you are a beginner or if you are someone who has experience with skin care products can use the product very well.


A moisturizer you are going to need is soothing, lightweight formulated. something that repairs the broken skin barrier. Because if you have hyperpigmentation, you will have compromised skin so, a moisturiser containing squalene ceramide is very well going to repair the broken skin barrier.


  • Use a gentle face wash of your choice, which is very gentle and non-stripping on your skin. The Cetaphil gentle cleanser is the most recommended one because it’s light and gentle on pigmented skin that is very sensitive.
  • After cleansing, go in with your Vitamin C serum
  • Then give 15-20 seconds of a gap, then move on to the moisturizer
  • Then do not forget your sunscreen, it’s a must.

At night, your routine will slightly differ from your day skincare routine.

At night you can go with:

  • The same gentle cleanser from Cetaphil
  • Skipping the step of serum, you can move on to pigmentation correction cream. as it is a treatment in itself, you need to apply that at night.
  • If your skin is very dry and you feel it needs to be more hydrated, then you can go ahead with moisturising your skin. It’s completely optional.


As it’s not an overnight treatment, you need to follow the skin care routine religiously for at least 4 to 6 weeks for a noticeable difference. 

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