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dark circes around eyes

Under Eye Treatment : Best Treatment For Dark Circles Around Eyes.

Dark circles around eyes

Our eyes are the most attractive feature of our face, also associated with health and wellbeing. As compared to your facial skin, whenever there is extra pigmentation or hyperpigmentation around your eyes, then it is under-eye dark circles. Dark circles around eyes can happen for so many reasons, and we cannot do anything much about it. Usually, the upper layer and lower layer become pigmented. When there is melanocyte excess activity, especially around the eyes, it will lead to hyperpigmentation around your eyes. Dark under eyes can make you look tired and older than your age. Having dark circles is a common problem people face today.

After taking plenty of sleep, people tends to have under eye dark circles. As we age In addition, we are getting wrinkles around our eyes; we lose the fat called collagen under the eyes. Natural ageing is the most common cause. Under eye dark circles are usually a cause for great concern unless you are experiencing other health changes as well..

What are the causes of dark circles? 

  • thinning of under-eye skin
  • ageing
  • tear troughs
  • deep-set eyes
  • rubbing of eyes
  • allergies
  • sun exposure
  • lifestyle changes
  • genetic.
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • lack of sleep
  • Nasal congestion
  • Eczema
  • stress

The first and foremost is the skin under your eyes is very thin, which makes the vessels that are present under the eyes visible on the surface. So the vessels in this area are blue that is why you tend to get a blueish hew under your eyes, and that can make your dark circles even darker, even the process of ageing can lead to dark circles because there is the thinning of skin in this area, there is also the production of fat which lead to eye bags and making this looks more dull and tired with age you can also develop tear troughs this a depression that is between your lower eyelid and cheeks this also make your dark circles even worst.

 Dark circles could also be due to deep-set eyes. The skin under your eyes is not dark but due to the shadow effect from your orbit’s over line boney structure, which leaves a shadow on the under-eye area, making your under-eye area darker. 

 One of the most common causes of dark circles is rubbing your eyes, a lot of people feel that this will give them relief and feel better for few minutes, but this is harming the skin under your eyes. As the skin under your eyes is thin, even gentle rubbing can damage your skin. Sometimes, it can lead to the thickening of the skin in this area. If you have glasses and you’re not wearing them, that can also lead to dark circles, because when you make an effort to focus, and you are cringing your eyes this leads to fatigue of muscles around your eyes.

 Any allergies like sinus, nasal congestion, eczema, and sun exposure can lead to dark circles when you are outdoors, and you are under the sun for a more extended period. Make sure you wear thick sunglasses.

 Lifestyle changes can also lead to darkening of skin under the eyes, such as lack of sleep, smoking, alcohol, an increase of caffeine, sitting in front of a screen for a long time can make your dark circles appear worst. If there is a strain on your eyes, then your eyes’ blood supply increases and you look little fatigue and pigmentation around your eyes increases. Hormonal changes can also lead to dark circles; it could also be genetic; if you have family members who have dark circles, then there are chances for you to have dark circles.

Another cause is nutritional deficiencies in many Indian females. Even males have many nutritional deficiencies like vitamin deficiencies including vitamin B12, K, D and E in those deficiencies you may get dark circles.

Treatment for dark circles around eyes:

First and foremost, I want to let you know that it is tough to treat dark circles; you can never get rid of them completely. But we can make it better. There are no creams that will treat dark circles entirely and all types of dark circles. Firstly we need to understand what kind of dark circles you have, if you have deep-set eyes, allergies, tear troughs, then no cream can completely cure your dark circles. To treat these dark circles, you have to wear sunglasses when you are outdoor; you have to moisturise your under eye area nicely, make sure you use a colourless, moisturiser for your under-eye to keep it hydrated and moisturised. Fragrance-free. If you have power, you have to wear glasses; if you work for a long time, you should always wear glasses. You should cut down your caffeine intake like tea or coffee if you have dark circles. If you sit for a longer time in front of a screen, you must frequently take a break from your work. Reduce your screen time. And always avoid rubbing your eyes.

Now, what all can be done for dark circles? Some creams can be used to lighten up your under eyes. These creams contain Arbutin, Azelaic acid, kojic acid, Vitamin C, vitamin k, Retinol and lactic acid. If you have fine lines and wrinkles and dark circles, you should use a cream containing Retinol. Retinol will help you build collagen and help to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. If you have prominent blood vessels under your eyes, and your dark circles appear blue, look for vitamin k in your cream.

Above are some recommended products suitable for all skin types. You can have a look and choose the best.

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