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10 steps Korean skincare glass skincare routine.

10 Steps Korean Skincare| Improved Glass Skincare Routine.

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The 10 steps Korean skincare doesn’t mean you should use all the products that are Korean. It’s just the steps that you follow. Even the steps need not be the same way, follow only what suits best for your skin types. Korean skincare focuses on prevention and protection rather than the use of products to undo the damage. Ultimately, it’s not about following a certain number of steps, but tailoring a skincare routine to your skin’s needs. While many people begin with a 10-step routine, you can adjust up or down, depending on your needs or preference.

10 steps Korean skincare routine.

The traditional 10-step routine is the most widely used method of performing a Korean skincare routine. It usually goes as follows:

  1. Oil-Based cleanser.
  2. Water-Based cleanser.
  3. Exfoliation.
  4. Toner.
  5. Essence.
  6. Treatment.
  7. Sheet Mask.
  8. Eye cream.
  9. Moisturizer.
  10. SPF.

Details of 10 steps Korean skincare

  • Oil-based Cleanser: In Korean skincare, we follow the double-cleansing method. One with the oil-based cleanser and the other with a water-based cleanser. An oil-based cleanser is most recommended when you wear make-up. If you have not stepped out for the entire day and you are not wearing any makeup, then you can directly go for water-based make-up. For oil-based cleansers, you can always opt for Garnier skin naturals, micellar oil-infused cleansing water. As it is a great make-up remover and cleanser for heavy & water-proof make-up. It is enriched with cleansing molecules called Micelles that attract make-up and other impurities, lifting them away from your pores just like a magnet.
water based cleanser for korean skin
  • Water-Based cleanser: For a water-based cleanser, the best would be the face shop rice water bright cleansing foam. Formulated with rice bran that thoroughly removes dead skin cells. Gives you brighter and smoother skin.
exfoliate for korean skincare
  • Exfoliate: Exfoliation is something which I don’t recommend to you every day. You can use it 1-2 times a week but not more than that. I recommend you to go to Klairs gentle black sugar facial polish. The Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish is a premium facial scrub with natural moisturizers. This anti-bacterial and anti-ageing facial scrub keeps your skin soft and supple through effective exfoliation and deep moisturizing and also helps treat dry, flaky skin. Even goes well with the sensitive skin.
toner for korean skincare
  • Toner: Toner is one of the most essential steps in any skincare regime. As this is Korean skincare, the above steps, i.e. double cleansing and exfoliation, may disturb your skin PH level. So, it is very important to maintain your skin’s PH level. The Face Shop Rice & Ceramide Moisturizing Facetoner Enriched With Rice Extracts To Brighten The Skin. This is one of the best toners as it is An essential toner for deep hydration with rice extracts Contains rice extracts, rice bran oil, and ceramide Provide non-sticky moisture and nutrients with a soft touch. This toner cleanses the skin of any remaining residues and impurities left behind by your cleanser. This toner finely tightens enlarged pores and mildly replenishes skin with long-lasting moisture.
essence for Korean skincare
  • Essence: Unique to 10steps Korean skincare regimens or glass skincare routine, essence is formulated with fermented ingredients and is meant to hydrate and protect the skin. Think of essence as somewhere between a toner and a serum. The best one to go with is L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence which is brightening micro-essence – better than creams, moisturizers and face serums For glowing and radiant skin For all skin types, including oily and dry skin types Contains Salicylic Acid that keeps skin Hydrated and Moisturized Use day and night after cleansing to get brighter, clearer skin.
  • Treatment: In Korean skincare, a treatment is anything that’s focused on aiding a specific problem — usually referred to as a serum. They contain highly concentrated ingredients meant to target specific issues, such as wrinkles, pigmentation or acne.
sheet mask for Korean skincare
  • Sheet mask: These masks are something that is not to be used every day. You can use it twice a week. These sheet masks are masks that are serum-soaked paper that you lay on your face for about 20 minutes. Like exfoliants, sheet masks aren’t something that needs to be or should be done every day. The Face Shop Unisex Real Nature Bamboo Face Mask is the best to go with. Your skin will be soft and supple in a couple of minutes with this mask, leaving you looking effortlessly flawless.
eye mask for Korean skincare
  • Eye Cream: Without an eye cream, 10 steps Korean skincare is incomplete. Along with the face skin eyes even needs extra care. Eye gels, creams, or oils are made to target the thin, sensitive skin around the eyes while helping with darkness, puffiness, and fine lines.
moisturizer for Korean skincare
  • Moisturizer: Moisturizers play an essential role in 10 steps Korean skincare routine, as it acts as a sealant to ensure everything soaks into your skin. The Face Shop Rice&Ceramide Moisturizing Cream is a good moisturizer to go for. It has a Creamy texture for long-lasting smooth absorption without stickiness Contains rice extracts, rice bran oil, ceramide, lecithin. 
sunscreen for korean skincare

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